PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

$21.99 $17.99

  • Tasty treats made with just 1 ingredient – pure human-grade chicken breast.
  • Freeze drying process removes only water, preserving nutrition.
  • Each treat averages just 3 calories and is rich in protein.
  • Ideal for dogs who are overweight, diabetic, who have allergies or gastrointestinal disorders or who are on a restricted diet.
  • Made in the USA with no added preservatives.


It’s true—PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats are made with just one ingredient – pure human grade chicken breast. Freeze dried raw to lock in the aroma, texture, and freshness, these treats are tasty for tail-wagging pups. Freeze drying just removes water, preserving nutrients in these treats to support a healthy, happy furbaby. These treats average just three calories each, so they’re paw-fect for dogs who need to watch their weight. They’re also ideal for dogs who are diabetic, who are on a restricted diet, who have allergies, or who have gastrointestinal disorders.