Programmable Automatic Dog & Cat Feeder

Key Benefits

  • Maintain a regular feeding routine for your pet easily, even when you are not around.
  • LCD panel allows you to control portion size, feeding time and more.
  • Great for medium- and large-sized pets of almost any breed or age.
  • Anti-clogging turntable delivers food to your pet when you want it.
  • Powered with a USB connection and includes a built-in self-activating backup battery.


Keep your medium- to large-sized pet on a daily set-feeding routine no matter how busy you might be— with the DOGNESS Programmable Pet Feeder. He’ll appreciate knowing that dinner will be served at the same time every night and you’ll love not having to worry about keeping the schedule. The six-liter food bin can be filled with almost any kind of dry dog or cat food and comes complete with two turntable choices to match the size of the product you choose. The LCD panel on the front is designed to be easy for humans to setup and impossible for your pets to adjust. No internet connection required.