Premium Cat Scratcher


  • Sisal Fabric, No Paper Scater– Compared with cardboard scratchers, Pieviev scratchers are made of sisal fabric which are more wear-resistant, no shredded paper scattering. No need to sweep off paper every day.
  • Large Size & Effectively Prevent Scratching Furniture– Our cat scratcher board will allow your cats to scratch without leaving you damaged and messy furniture. With large size (17.5in*10.2in*1.3in) and firm fabric, the sisal cat scratcher is suitable for all kinds of cats.
  • Removable Anti-Slip Strips– We especially attach anti-slip strips for fix the place where cats scratch. The anti-slip strips can be removed if you need to change places.
  • Feed Their Scratching Urges– The texture construction of sisal fabric is firmer, which would not be easily torn, helping cats’ grinding nails. Most Cats love to grind their nails out of nature. A high-quality scratcher is needed for your cats.
  • Catnip Included– Attracts your cat and helps you entice your cats to have good scratching habbits, as well as help keep your cats interested and entertained for hours!


Pieviev Premium Cat Scratcher Cat Toys Sisal Cat Scratching Pad Extra Large No More Torn Cardborad Scattering Anti-Slip Backing & Catnip