Noodle Pet Bed & Sofa

• ❥(^_-)50x50x20cm (20”x20”x8”) noodles pet bed cup noodles kennel instant noodle Cat nest noodles kennel Instant Ramen Bowl Dog Bed,Comfortable and luxurious sleep-the pet nest your pet dreams of! Self-insulation is reminiscent of their mother’s fur and provides a space to soothe anxiety. Provide your animals with the ultimate comfort, so that they can get a full and restful sleep, thereby improving behavior and health
• 20 Inch Instant Noodle Doghouse InstanNoodle Cat Nest Pad Udon Cup INS Style Pet Nest,Ideal for most dog and cat breeds of any age, this pet bedding provides the ultimate place for pets to rest and relax
• Durable with non-slip bottom: The soft and soft fabric is durable and can provide your pet with luxurious, lasting comfort and relaxation day and night. It also has a non-slip bottom to fix the bed on any surface.Thanks to its comfort, your pet will have adequate and peaceful sleep, so he will always be full of energy and stay healthy.It can prevent pet hair from falling into the floor and keep the room clean.
• You can set up the living room, bedroom, porch or balcony and other places you want to set up at home, or you can take it with you outside while driving,The shape and size are extremely comfortable. It can be used in many ways, as a crate bed, kennel bed, cage bed, crate mat, and even as a dog travel bed in a car or truck.The super comfortable instant noodle nest provides a quiet, private and warm sleeping place for your pet. It will become the pet’s favorite place to play or relax
• For convenience, each bed can be safely placed in a washing machine and dryer, minimizing pet odors and excess hair. However, we usually recommend washing hands for easy maintenance,It will retain its softness and original shape after washing