Full Moon Chicken Treats


  • Usda Organic: Treat Your Pup To The Best With These Chewy, Tasty Organic Chicken Jerky Treats Made In The Usa
  • Human Grade: No Feed Grade Ingredients Here! All Of The Ingredients That Go Into Our Treats Are Fit For Human Consumption And We Make Our Treats To The Same Standards Required For Human Edible Food
  • High Protein: Made With Free-Range Chicken, This Delicious Jerky Is The Perfect “Anytime Snack” For Dogs Of All Breeds And Sizes
  • Organic Whole Grains: Heart Healthy Organic Brown Rice Is Gluten Free And Has A Low Glycemic Index
  • All Natural: Full Moon Dog Treats Have No By-Products And No Artificial Flavors, Colors Or Preservatives


Full Moon Natural Organics Human Grade Dog Treats