Dog Nail Grinder

• Product 1: Easy to use, nail grooming kit solution – Provides a safe & gentle alternative to pet nail clippers or a dog nail file. The nail grinding kit includes everything novice & experienced groomers need to trim their pet’s claws in the comfort of their home.
• Product 1: Nail guard – Features a 45 degree paw guide for optimal nail trimming angle & dust collection. Reducing the risk of clipping the claws too short or hurting your pet.
• Product 1: Multiple grooming options: 9 piece grooming accessory set, for multiple nail grinding options. Patented EZ twist nose cap makes accessory changes easy.
• Product 1: Rechargeable battery: Never run out of power. With the 4-volt Lithium-Ion battery and convenient USB charger. The nail grinder is ready to groom when you are.
• Product 2: Quick, safe and effective
• Product 2: Dry powder clots blood quickly
• Product 2: Dries up liquid and moisture
• Product 2: Used by professional groomers on companion animals