Blind Dog Harness Guide


  • FIND THE RIGHT SIZE – please use the size chart located in Photo Section to find the correct Muffin’s Halo for your dog. It is important to measure your dog carefully before choosing your size. Various colors and sizes are available to suit your needs. GIRTH/FATTEST PART OF BODY MOST IMPORTANT MEASUREMENT. SM fits 14″ – 16.5″
  • HALO FOR BLIND DOGS – this innovative 3-piece device helps dogs with impaired or lost sight to navigate their surroundings safely and confidently. Created by Silvie Bordeaux, a devoted pet owner whose own dog, Muffin sadly lost his sight
  • HOPE FOR VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS – sight conditions and diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma can understandably lead to anxious pets that find it hard to carry out everyday activities, such as walking, eating, and playing with toys. Muffins Halo provides protection to help them adjust to their condition as they lead a bump-free life
  • NEW TRICKS FOR OLD DOGS – blind dog accessories like Muffin’s Halo let you help your beloved pup and feel joy from seeing their confidence build as they begin to adapt to the device. They learn to trust it as it redirects them from bumping into hard obstacles
  • HOW IT WORKS – When the halo taps a hard surface, it acts as a buffer to safeguard your dog’s head, face, and nose from contact and avoiding pain and accidents. The contact of the halo with the surface teaches the dog to change direction and learn its surroundings


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Muffin’s Halo Blind Dog Harness Guide Device – Help for Blind Dogs or Visually Impaired Pets to Avoid Accidents & Build Confidence – Ideal Blind Dog Accessory to Navigate Surroundings RED