My Dog Loves Him More Than Me

My Dog Loves Him More Than Me

~ Pet and Relationships ~

If you’re obsessed with your pets like me, then the relationship between your pets and partner is extremely important. That seems like an obvious statement, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to learn the hard way

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The Hard Way

My first serious boyfriend was not a dog person. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that until a year-in. Hindsight really is 20/20 given how glaringly obvious it was that my boyfriend didn’t like my dog. What should have been my first sign was the simple fact that it took my dog a long time to warm up to him. He just wasn’t his typical, excited, self when my boyfriend would come over, and tended to avoid him. If I were in that situation, I would go out of my way to try to ease the dog’s nerves, but my boyfriend made no effort. Eventually, my dog started warming up to my boyfriend, trying to play tug or cuddle on his lap. The next red flag was that my boyfriend would never pay my dog any attention – he’d either shoo my dog away or ignore him completely. Who does that? The final straw was when my sweet pooch passed away. He had to be put down, and the circumstances (which are a whole other story) made it especially tough. I remember calling my heartless boyfriend after I left the vet, barely recovered from the sobbing I had just been doing in the exam room. My boyfriend’s response? “Why are you so upset? It’s just a dog.” We broke up, and oddly enough, my boyfriend was surprised and emotional. I wish I would have thought to say “Why are you so upset? It’s just a breakup.” Again, hindsight.

My Dog Loves Him More Than Me

After losing my dog, I rescued the cutest little puppy. Several years after I got her, I met my current partner. The entire story of my husband’s relationship with my dog (and all our future pets) is the exact opposite of my experience with my ex. My dog loved him right away, my husband was excited to see her the moment he walked through the door, the two of them played every chance they had, my husband even started bringing her with us more places because he loved spending time with her. I’m quite confident she loved him more than me. Fast forward to today, ten years later, and my husband’s kindness and love for animals has done nothing but grow. Seeing his dedicated training with puppies we’ve raised, grieving with him over lost pets, getting to watch the pure joy in his eyes when he gets home from work to our dogs and cat greeting him – I fall more in love with my husband each time I see him with our pets. Our partnership truly extends to our animals… except when it comes to dog puke. My husband’s stomach draws a clear line at dog puke.

Life with your partner and pets should be filled with joy. There may be some side-effects from routine changes you’ll need to work through when you move in together, but the right partner will happily make that effort, and love your pets just as much as you do. Don’t learn what the “right” partner looks like the hard way, like I did.

Written by Kylie Loren

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