Which Cat is right for you?
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Which Cat is right for you?

First time Cat owner? Not sure if your lifestyle suits pets? Felins are sometimes miss understood and have a damaged reputation, but the trues is, cats are fascinating caring creatures. And like us, some are more social than others. So we gathered information to help you choose.

Despite the somehow lazy snob appearance, cats are remarkably efficient. Throughout history, there was a strong bond between cats and humans. Keeping a large kingdom’s granaries safe from rodents was not an easy task, and laws made for their protection. Cats were passengers on many expeditions, preventing ropes and woodwork damage, keeping food stores and ship crew safe from diseases. Above all that, they have been an enjoyable companion to sailors on long journeys away from home and family.

Owning a cat in the house is an ancient tradition. Today we have an option to pick a specific breed that might fit better with our lifestyle, whether it’s a house full of children or different pets, and maybe you aren’t home for most of the day. Every cat has a unique character. Anticipating its behavior is a bit complex and set by socialization period experiences that last up to 7-8 weeks. Purebred cats have more predictable personalities and look. Unfortunately, they face more health issues than mixed breeds.

Sometimes we fall in love with a unique look and might not consider their characteristic. In any case, we advised you to research around and get personalized with a breed you desire. Visit animal shelters and purebred rescues. The number of abandoned pets in the world is still high. We encourage going to shelters and finding the perfect cat for you, and they can answer all your questions. If you wish to purchase, make sure the seller is a legit breeder.

Here are some beloved cats in the US:

The Persian Cat

letpetbe.com Persian cat
Persian cat Photo by Touhid Arastu
migrated from Iran in the mid-nineteenth century. They are well known for being quiet, friendly, and like a calm environment. Persians are independent and have tolerance for staying home alone. This stunning Felin is a medium-size long coat with frequent shedding and requires daily grooming. A truly magnificent addition to a family with children and dogs. 

*It is essential to prepare the kids for the introduction with the new cat.

The Siberian Cat

letpetbe.com Siberian cat
Siberian cat Photo by Sergey Semin
migrated from cold Russia and has a weatherproof triple coat to protect him. They are highly active and playful, prefer to spend time with their owner or other pets over being alone. Very affectionate, curious, bold, and seems to have a fascination with water. Like the Persian cat, they too require lots of grooming.

*The Siberian Cat is considered to be Hypoallergenic.

The Maine Coon,

Lilloosh.com Maine Coon
Maine Coon Photo by Bee Felten-Leidel
is a remarkable large cat with pointed ears. This beautiful coon is playful, affectionate, and one of American’s most popular breeds. They are loyal, social, adapted to different environments, and generally very friendly to humans and pets. And like all longhaired breeds, they require frequent grooming. 




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