According to Pet Pedia, More than six million animals are sent to shelters in the US every year and there are approximately 70 million stray animals on the US streets at any given time”.

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The rise in number of unethical mass and back-yard breeders is directly linked to the rise in the number of pets surrendered to animal shelters. There are many benefits to adopting a pet from an animal shelter. These pets are taken care of by an experienced and dedicated crew. They are very familiar with the animals in their care and love to share knowledge throughout the entire adoption process, and that’s a huge advantage. Unfortunately, there is a large variety of pets, from babies to adults and even senior animals. There are lots of different breeds in shelters, not just unwanted breeds. Shelters enable people with allergies to make several meetings with their chosen breed to check for any reaction. While getting all you need for your pet in one place, you also break the cycle of pet overpopulation, and you get to SAVE LIFE.

These adorable creatures cannot wait to love and be loved. If you are considering a pet – please consider visiting your local animal center.

Adoptable Dogs in Your Local Shelter by ASPCA

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