Who are we?

We started as a small group of friends who met during our computer-related day jobs and noticed we all love animals and care about our planet. But like many others, we felt that although we care a lot – we do very little. While the year 2020 has changed the life of many people around the globe, and also wildlife & pets. We realized that our knowledge can help! With only one simple action, more people can get together and raise donations (for free).

Costless Donations!

Yes, we can (donate without spending money and even get rewards)!

With the collaboration of different businesses in the pet’s field, we can arrange our free sponsored contests. Each contest raises money for donations and rewards the winners every month. Join Now!

Simple Goal

In the US alone, there are about 70 million stray animals at any given time. And about 6 million Dogs & Cats entering the shelters each year. Yes, it gets crowded, and too often the solution is euthanasia (mercy killing). Here is where the no-kill shelters and their volunteers enter for the rescue. A group of active angles who does everything for saving pets life

All we want to do is help them. These types of shelters rely on donations to continue their work, and we want to make it easy for anyone to do so.

Monthly Contests

Every month there will be at least one award-winning contest free of charge. 

By the end of the month, three winners will pick up prizes and a donation will be made for each participant

– All contests are free of charge

– Donate just by participating

– Pick up prizes for your pet

Join Us Now!

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